​"I am my Father's Son 18 x 24"

" Lone Star 090 and His Crown 18 x 24"

" Aspen Hideout 11 x 14"

​  ​Growing up on a small farm in north east Nebraska I have always had a special connection to animals.  I drew mainly horses, starting with crayons to graphite.  I was teased that I couldn't color between the lines.  I got better.

  In my twenties and thirties I started and trained horses.  I went to work, and put away drawing.  It wasn't until my late forties while volunteering as a 4-H Hippology coach that I began doodling again.  While the girls were off testing in competitions I would sit and sketch.  At first my drawings were child like, but quickly they became more realistic. 

​  ​When I turned fiftyish I went to the "Western Art Week" in Great Falls, MT near where my husband and I Live.  I witnessed a scratch board artist creating an image of a deer.  She explained what she was doing and at that point I was all in.  I found my medium.

  Fast forward to today, the images I create are moments in time that tell a story.  Snap shots of movement is still form, black and white literally and figuratively.  The contrasts make a crisper image.  Scratch board is a unique medium where to create an image you must first take away.

​  Historically etching was used by newspapers to create prints.  Using tools, they engraved an image on a metal plate, ink was added to the image which became a negative when pressed upon paper.  Scratch board was created out of this idea.  Scratch board is a cardboard sheet covered with white china clay and sprayed with black India ink.  Tools such as scalpels, needles, fiber glass brushes, and steel wool can be used to strip away the ink to uncover the white clay beneath.  Unlike drawing with a pencil, when you leave a mark on scratch board you are drawing the highlights and using the black ink as negative space.

  My mission is to capture these moments that enfold the viewer with tireless observation.  Bring to light that right this moment wildlife are living out their lives in wild places.  What we do or don't do affects their quality of life.  We are the caretakers for all living things.

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